CBCA Older Readers Shortlist 2016

For the past 70 years the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) has run the Book of the Year awards. The 2016 shortlist below, is aimed at Older Readers, like yourselves and all the titles can be borrowed from our library.

To read the reviews of the short-listed books, simply click on the cover image. If you think you can guess which book will be the chosen as the winner, then leave us a reply at the bottom of the page before August 19 when it will be announced.

So far, our personal favourite is A single stone by Meg McKinlay. This is a unique dystopian novel set deep underground in a world that has forgotten the surface. Its female protagonist Jena, struggles to recapture this knowledge and escape the confines of her world.

 xthe-flywheel_jpg_pagespeed_ic_QnPXw4YKOW xinbetween-days_jpg_pagespeed_ic_7Sdggvz47Q xthe-pause_jpg_pagespeed_ic_bMDCvyDePP

xfreedom-ride_jpg_pagespeed_ic_xYcXJK7w3Z xcloudwish_jpg_pagespeed_ic_YEmlx1zI2q a-single-stone

  Title Author Call Number
The Flywheel Erin Gough  F GOU
The Pause John Larkin  F LAR
Freedom Ride Sue Lawson  F LAW
A Single Stone Meg McKinlay  F MCK
Inbetween Days Vikki Wakefield F WAK
Cloudwish Fiona Wood  F WOO

Library Lovers’ List – May 23, 2016

Welcome to our second Library Lovers’ List, containing our latest fiction. We have created a display in the library which includes these novels. Students can also request a reservation via email at library@msm.qld.edu.au. Any novel on display can be borrowed.

 xnot-if-i-see-you-first_jpg_pagespeed_ic_7G379HhHwr            xthe-winter-witch_jpg_pagespeed_ic_bjpzRbsfO8

This week our first Staff Pick is Not if I see you first by Eric Lindstrom. At first sight you might be thinking that this book is just another incarnation of Fault in our stars. Our two lovers or in this case ex-lovers are Parker and Scott. Parker who happens to be blind has made herself a set of rules to survive the pain of being hurt in relationships. Gradually Parker learns that there is more to Scott’s story and her rules can be broken. What makes these characters so refreshing is their all too human flaws. If you are interested in books about various types of disabilities then Disabilities in Kid Lit is an excellent review site.

For senior students our second choice is The Winter Witch. This book is a historical romance with supernatural themes. We explore the growing relationship of newlyweds Morgana and Cai as they face the suspicions of the local villagers. In many ways this book harks back to the works of the Bronte sisters, think Wuthering heights. Paula Brackston is a fine writer with a good grasp of language and characterization.

Happy Reading

From the library staff

  Title Author Genre Call No.
Where the Red Fern Grows Rawls, Wilson Animals F RAW
Turning pointes Freedman, Emma School F FRE
Boy X Smith, Dan Spy F SMI
The reluctant jillaroo Delaney, Kaz Animals F DEL
The winter witch Brackston, Paula Historical F BRA
Everything but the truth : an If only novel Hubbard, Mandy Romance F HUB
Not if I see you first Lindstrom, Eric Friendship F LIN

Library Lovers’ List – May 5, 2016

Every week at MSM Library we provide you with a list of our latest new fiction. For the first time, this list is available to you here at “Between the Pages.” As you can see, it covers a wide range of genres. As a student of MSM you can email us at library@msm.qld.edu.au if you want to place a hold on any of these titles, or you can visit us in person, to borrow out the title of your choice.

dorothy-must-die         al-capone-does-my-shirts

Our first Staff pick from this week’s offerings  is Dorothy must die by D M Paige. Not since Wicked by Gregory Maguire has there been such a wonderful take on the Wizard of OZ. Amy Gumm takes us on a journey into an OZ that is at once familiar and strangely twisted. She finds herself questioning all her assumptions about who is good and who is evil. Amy becomes convinced Dorothy must die!

Our second choice, Al Capone does my shirts is told from the perspective of Moose, a boy whose father has become a prison guard at Alcatraz where they send the worst villains. He lives on the island with his family, including a little sister called Natalie who struggles with autism. It all spells trouble in a story that will make you laugh and cry. You may also like learning about life in 1930’s America during the Great Depression.

Thank you from the library staff

  Title Author Genre Call No.
Al Capone does my shirts (bk 1) Choldenko, Gennifer Comedy al-capone-does-my-shirts
Flirty dancing : Ladybirds (bk 1) McLachlan, Jenny Romance xflirty-dancing_jpg_pagespeed_ic_GdiTSL7fx9
Conquest : Chronicles of the invaders (bk 1) Connolly, John Ridyard, Jennifer Science Fiction conquest
The siren Cass, Kiera Fantasy xthe-siren_jpg_pagespeed_ic_pfXLHhC2hJ
Dorothy must die (bk 1) Paige, D.M Fantasy dorothy-must-die
 A different kind of daughter Toorpakai, Maria Biography  xa-different-kind-of-daughter_jpg_pagespeed_ic_8LiQq_HorU
Yellow Jacobson, Megan Mystery yellow
Radio silence Oseman, Alice Friendship xradio-silence_jpg_pagespeed_ic_AlhF5k1Gmi