Library Lovers’ List – May 23, 2016

Welcome to our second Library Lovers’ List, containing our latest fiction. We have created a display in the library which includes these novels. Students can also request a reservation via email at Any novel on display can be borrowed.

 xnot-if-i-see-you-first_jpg_pagespeed_ic_7G379HhHwr            xthe-winter-witch_jpg_pagespeed_ic_bjpzRbsfO8

This week our first Staff Pick is Not if I see you first by Eric Lindstrom. At first sight you might be thinking that this book is just another incarnation of Fault in our stars. Our two lovers or in this case ex-lovers are Parker and Scott. Parker who happens to be blind has made herself a set of rules to survive the pain of being hurt in relationships. Gradually Parker learns that there is more to Scott’s story and her rules can be broken. What makes these characters so refreshing is their all too human flaws. If you are interested in books about various types of disabilities then Disabilities in Kid Lit is an excellent review site.

For senior students our second choice is The Winter Witch. This book is a historical romance with supernatural themes. We explore the growing relationship of newlyweds Morgana and Cai as they face the suspicions of the local villagers. In many ways this book harks back to the works of the Bronte sisters, think Wuthering heights. Paula Brackston is a fine writer with a good grasp of language and characterization.

Happy Reading

From the library staff

  Title Author Genre Call No.
Where the Red Fern Grows Rawls, Wilson Animals F RAW
Turning pointes Freedman, Emma School F FRE
Boy X Smith, Dan Spy F SMI
The reluctant jillaroo Delaney, Kaz Animals F DEL
The winter witch Brackston, Paula Historical F BRA
Everything but the truth : an If only novel Hubbard, Mandy Romance F HUB
Not if I see you first Lindstrom, Eric Friendship F LIN

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