CBCA Older Readers Shortlist 2016

For the past 70 years the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) has run the Book of the Year awards. The 2016 shortlist below, is aimed at Older Readers, like yourselves and all the titles can be borrowed from our library.

To read the reviews of the short-listed books, simply click on the cover image. If you think you can guess which book will be the chosen as the winner, then leave us a reply at the bottom of the page before August 19 when it will be announced.

So far, our personal favourite is A single stone by Meg McKinlay. This is a unique dystopian novel set deep underground in a world that has forgotten the surface. Its female protagonist Jena, struggles to recapture this knowledge and escape the confines of her world.

 xthe-flywheel_jpg_pagespeed_ic_QnPXw4YKOW xinbetween-days_jpg_pagespeed_ic_7Sdggvz47Q xthe-pause_jpg_pagespeed_ic_bMDCvyDePP

xfreedom-ride_jpg_pagespeed_ic_xYcXJK7w3Z xcloudwish_jpg_pagespeed_ic_YEmlx1zI2q a-single-stone

  Title Author Call Number
The Flywheel Erin Gough  F GOU
The Pause John Larkin  F LAR
Freedom Ride Sue Lawson  F LAW
A Single Stone Meg McKinlay  F MCK
Inbetween Days Vikki Wakefield F WAK
Cloudwish Fiona Wood  F WOO

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