Year 7 English Blog Competition Winners

Last term, Year 7 students were invited to write book reviews of their holiday reading and submit them to Mrs Correia by email. There was a great response and the winning entry came from Ella Patterson. The other five finalists’ reviews are also published below. All the reviewed books are available for borrowing from the “Between the Pages” display in the centre of the library.


The book thief by Markus Zusak

The captivating and mystical world of a good book is one to die for. The lone tear hung suspended in your eye or the cry of agony caught in your throat, the spontaneous laugher or the fear installed deep in your heart, urging you to shut the book immediately. A book I believe brings out these emotions is “The Book Thief.” It transports the reader to the world of WW2 Germany and portrays the horrific time period that can often be hard for young audiences to comprehend. Uniquely narrated by Death and centred around the life of a young girl this book is impossible not to fall in love with instantly.

Reviewed by
Ella Patterson 7F


The disreputable history of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart

Who has ever felt excluded and shunned for being one of the minority? Well, Frankie Landau-Banks sure has, but unlike many, she decided to do something about it. After discovering that her new boyfriend is a part of a male only “society” called the Basset Hound Society, Frankie begins to investigate. When she discovers that the group that has supposedly pulled off some of the most notable pranks in the history of Alabaster Academy isn’t actually interesting in the slightest, and is in fact just a group of teenage boys trying to be more sophisticated than they actually are, Frankie decides to spice it up a little. Using her tech skills, a little sleuthing and a whole lot of rage, Frankie manages to manipulate the society into pulling off some epic feats. If you are a young female who enjoys any sort of literature you will wholeheartedly love and adore this book.

Reviewed by
Bella  Leung-Dias 7D


Gifted : here today gone tomorrow by Marilyn Kaye

“Gifted : here today gone tomorrow” is the third book in the gifted series. This series is a fictional novel about students who are 14 years old with special gifts. This is why it’s called “Gifted,” because of their unique gifts. The main character Emily has the gift to see into the future. The first time she had a vision of the future was when she was 6 years old. The vision consisted of the tragic event of how her father died and unfortunately, as she predicted, her father died that day. Her mother does not believe she has a gift to see into the future so the programme at Emily’s school she believes is a waste of time. Throughout this book Emily has visions of students mysteriously being kidnapped and one day Emily is the one who gets kidnapped. The kidnappers know about all of the gifted students’ gifts and want them to rob a bank. I strongly suggest reading this book if you don’t like big long books. This a good book for you to enjoy.

Reviewed by
Elizabeth Dickson 7C


The fifth wave by Rick Yancey

The book I recommend is “The fifth wave” by Rick Yancey. I love this book because it approaches the idea of an alien apocalypse in a completely new way. The aliens are not the tiny little green men with football heads we see in cartoons but simple consciousness that download themselves into human brains, possessing the humans. Cassiopeia Sullivan is the main protagonist who lived through The Others’ first four waves of destruction but lost her mother in the process. First Wave: All power on earth out for good, Second Wave: Devastating natural disasters, Third Wave: Deadly plague, Fourth Wave: Aliens invade earth, Fifth Wave: ??? This book is an amazing piece of literature that’ll keep you hooked throughout the entire book. You’ll read it in one sitting.

Reviewed by
Grace Burgess 7D


A waltz for Matilda by Jackie French

“A waltz for Matilda” demonstrates the beautiful yet tragic love life of Matilda. This inspirational book is a twisted version of Waltzing Matilda the poem. After Matilda searched for her father for years, she finally found him. Sadly, her father soon dies while on the run, after being accused of stealing a sheep within the first year of them being together. Now owning his farm, Matilda experiences hate that turns to love and poorness that turns to wealth. Also, she develops a secret friendship with a man from the future who discusses what will happen after the war with her. I would recommend “A waltz for Matilda” for the beautiful descriptive settings, timeline, plots and tranquility of the story. This is a beautiful book and I will never forget it. Suitable for all ages.

Reviewed by
Elyssa Schumann 7C


Racing in the rain by Garth Stein

A book that I particularly enjoyed reading is a book called “Racing in the rain,” by Garth Stein. The reason why I love this book so much is because it has many relevant messages to us today and it was a book I simply couldn’t put down.

Some messages in the book are to be a selfless person and to fight for what is right. These messages are portrayed in the story in a beautiful way. It also shows that even through the toughest times, you will always have someone who loves you – in the story this message is shown with a dog.

It is a unique book I have borrowed from the library here at MSM, because it tells a story through a dog’s eyes and makes us look at our pets differently. I think everybody should read this book.

Reviewed by
Ella Chewe 7B

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