Three unforgettable books – March 6

Do you ever go to the fridge, open the door and wonder what you are searching for, or walk into a room and forget why you went in? These are small memory lapses unlike those of the characters in these books. So much of who we are depends on our memory but Flora and Sammie are losing theirs!


In “The one memory of Flora Banks,” Flora has anterograde amnesia which means she can’t remember what happens day to day. It has been like this since Flora was 10; that is until she kisses Drake, the one boy she shouldn’t kiss. The next day, low and behold, she remembers the event and so begins the saga of tracking down this boy who has inspired her to remember. This leads Flora all the way to Norway, but once there things begin to unravel. Can Flora trust in her memory and in who she knows herself to be?  This is a book with a unique premise and an unusual circular way of writing that helps us get into the mind of Flora.

In “The memory book,” Sammie has a rare genetic condition that leads to gradual memory loss. On the discovery of her illness, Sammie’s plans dramatically change from graduating high school and leaving behind her home town, to capturing what is important to her about life before it vanishes from her mind. As the book progresses, she learns to come to terms with her new self and embrace life in a new way. This book is an emotional ride that will help you understand memory loss and what it can mean for a person. It will make you appreciate the remarkable ability of your own mind to remember.


The final book connected to this theme, tells a story about memory loss from the other side. In “Before you forget,” Julia Lawrison explores what it is like to have a family member with Alzheimer’s. The main character, Amelia, is dealing with all the usual challenges of being a Year 12 student while her father begins to show signs of Alzheimer’s. Amelia is an upbeat person who is determined to pursue her dreams of being an artist even while family chaos ensues. This novel is set in Australia and is based on the author’s own personal experiences. It is an interesting read on a topic rarely covered.

Other recently catalogued books are listed below.

  Title Author Genre Call No.
The phantom on the phone and other scary tales Dahl, Michael Spooky Stories F DAH
Pony detective: Starlight stables (bk 1) Nicholas, Soraya Animals F NIC
The allure of Chanel Morand, Paul Biography 746.9 CHA
The one memory of Flora Banks Barr, Emily Relationships F BAR
The things I didn’t say Fornasier, Kylie Relationships F FOR
Becoming Aurora Kasmer, Elizabeth Race relations F KAS
Special Blain, Georgia Dystopian F BLA
Akarnae: Medoran chronicles (bk 1) Noni, Lynette Fantasy F NON
The memory book Avery, Lara Romance F AVE