CBCA 2017 Short-listed books

The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) has released the 2017 Short List for The Book of the Year. The following titles can be borrowed from our library.

To read the reviews of the short-listed books, simply click on the book’s title. If you’d like to predict which book will be the chosen as the winner in either category, leave a comment in the reply box at the bottom of this post before Friday, August 18.

‘Many of the books selected this year will move readers with a wonderful mix of stories that are sad, honest, informative and funny,’ said CBCA National Chair, Professor Margot Hillel OAM.

Our pick for Book of the Year: Older Readers


The bone sparrow tackles one of those ever-present issues that plagues Australia’s conscience – namely refugees in detention. It is a story of loss and longing as the characters try to connect to roots that are cut. Subhi has been born within the confines of detention. His mother and the community of refugees around them keep alive the stories of their homeland to stave off the desperation of being caught in the limbo of a detention camp. Things get interesting when Subhi meet Jimmie a girl on the other side of the wire.


Our pick for Book of the Year: Younger Readers



Within these walls describes the life of Miri, a Jewish girl trapped in a Warsaw Ghetto during Nazi occupation. The book welcomes us in with a warm description of Miri’s pre-war life and the tight bonds in her family. As the novel progresses, it is these bonds that help her survive her bleak circumstances. This is ultimately a book about being able to find hope and joy even in times of terror.

  Title Author Theme Call No.
The Book of the Year: Older Readers’ Shortlist
Frankie Plozza, Shivaun Relationships F PLO
One would think the deep Zorn, Claire Family F ZOR
Words in deep blue Cath Crowley Friendship F CRO
The bone sparrow Zana Fraillon War F FRA
Yellow Megan Jacobson Family F JAC
The Book of the Year: Younger Readers’ Shortlist
Dragonfly song Wendy Orr Ancient History F ORR
A most magical girl Foxlee, Karen Fantasy F FOX
Within these walls Bavati, Robyn War F BAV
Mrs Whitlam Pascoe, Bruce Horses F PAS

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