Even cats are vlogging this Winter!

In the world of libraries we notice trends, and we have spotted more than a few authors who are starting to write about blogging or vlogging. It began with various stars from YouTube releasing their biographies but now some fiction writers have also joined the bandwagon. Here are some of their latest offerings……

Our newest addition to the library on this theme is “My life as a hashtag,” which explores what can happen when your private rant goes viral. Our main character  MC, is a 17-year-old girl from Melbourne who is dealing with the usual highs and lows of school and family. Then one of her mean Tumblr posts about a friend goes viral and MC realises the repercussions of bullying on social media.




The reigning queen of this theme is Zoe Sugg with her very popular series, “Girl online.” This series follows the ups and downs of Penny as she trails her rock-star boyfriend Noah around Europe while maintaining her own funny and insightful blog. Penny starts out as the typically shy girlfriend but gains in independence and experience as her life unfolds.



Amazing Abby : Drama Queen : Girls Can Vlog : Book 2 - Emma Moss

Another popular series in our library is “Girls can vlog.” Just in case you don’t know, vlogging is the video version of blogging. Lucy, Jesse, Abby and Hermione are all girls who are out to prove that YouTube is not just the domain of geeky boys. Together they have founded a vlogging group but discover that balancing the demands of real life and a life online is quite difficult.



To understand this novel just imagine that “The sisterhood of the travelling pants” had happened in the time of blogging. In “OMG Blog,” we have four friends using the forum of blogging to connect and share their frustrations in dealing with their mothers. It’s a sweet and funny book.




Finally we have the book that inspired the title of this post.

“#Help my cat’s a vlogging superstar!” epitomises the light-hearted side of this theme. We all know cats rule the internet and among those cats there are some that become superstars like Grumpy Cat. Lauren is determined to make her cat a star through vlogging.


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