Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell

rooftoppersRooftoppers – Book review by Annabel Coleman – 7E

Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell, is a captivating story that is whimsical and heart-warming. A young girl named Sophie is found floating as a baby in a cello case in the English Channel. She has miraculously escaped a shipwreck. An intelligent, loving and slightly clumsy young man named Charles discovers and raises her. Sophie grows up with Charles, living freely and learning unusual daily routines such as using books as plates and walls as paper.

When she is twelve, Sophie is informed that she will be parted from her beloved Charles in order to develop more lady-like traits in an orphanage. Although distressed, Charles and Sophie are quick to act. They leave for Paris hoping to find Sophie’s mother. In Paris, the pair are conscious of the presence of the authorities. They roam the streets in disguise and eventually discover that Sophie’s mother may have survived the shipwreck and that  her name is Vivian.

Sophie also meets a homeless boy named Matteo who lives on the rooftops of Paris. As their friendship develops, Sophie trains her legs to bound across the buildings and earns Matteo’s trust in roof-topping. She also meets the other orphans who live up on the roofs of Paris.

As well as meeting the inhabitants of the rooftops, her quest to find her mother leads Sophie into some tricky situations such as retrieving the ship’s files from a police station. Read this exciting story to find out if Sophie ultimately succeeds in finding her mother.