“Maybe” this is the last book in the series?


Morris Gleitzman is the award-winning author of almost 40 books published in over 20 countries. You may have first encountered him as the writer of some very funny novels but he also has a more serious side, as shown in the “Once” series. Gleitzman was inspired to write this series partly by his own family history. His grandfather was a Jew from Krakow in Poland who left before the start of the Holocaust to live in England but many of his other relatives at the time stayed, and were killed by the Nazis.

Once was released in 2005 and  was followed by Then, Now, After and Soon. The sixth book “Maybe” has just been released and the Library has 3 copies to give away!

In it, we follow 14-year-old Felix on another dangerous journey which brings him to Australia to start a new life.

What readers love about this series, is its gritty realism and engaging sense of adventure. We can’t help but feel sympathy for Felix who never loses his moral compass or his optimism.

Daring to be challenged in Term Three

Harry Potter Quiz

The library indulged in a bit of quizardry to celebrate J. K. Rowling’s birthday and the 20th anniversary of the release of Harry Potter. Competition was fierce between the Houses and in the end we had to declare a tie between one team from Slytherin and one from Gryffindor. Ancient rivalries continue!

MSM Reads

Once a term Mt St Michael’s holds a school-wide reading event and we invite three classes to join us in the library at this time. As you can see, we all get very absorbed in what we are reading.

Book Week

The final big event of the library calendar for term three was of course Book Week. The theme of Book Week this year was “Escape to everywhere” and we held a number of challenging and fun-filled events and competitions.

We are now looking forward to implementing our Term 4 Library theme of “Create.”