Will Nevermoor be popular forever more?

xnevermoor.jpg.pagespeed.ic.kJSrX-dHVsEvery publisher is secretly dreaming of finding the next Harry Potter. Popular books come and go, but what readers always want is something exciting and new. Of course, what happens is that after a book like Harry Potter becomes famous there are copy-cat books. The question is, can publishers make us love a book?

Recently an author called Jessica Townsend wrote her debut novel Nevermoor; the trials of Morrigan Crow. The main character Morrigan grows up in the normal world but carries a deadly curse. Then a remarkable magician named Jupiter North whisks her away to a magical city where she is offered a place in the Wunderous society. In order to join she has to endure four dangerous trials. It sounds a lot like Harry Potter doesn’t it?

So your job as readers is to decide if this book is worthy of the hype. Would you recommend it to your friends? As much as publishers like to imagine that they can make books popular; in the end it is the readers who decide.

Meanwhile most authors are secretly hoping that their novel will be made into a film…