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Love Letters to the Library

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We were overwhelmed by the number of entries in our “Write a Love Letter to Your Library” competition for #libraryloversday

Here are the winning authors and their letters.


I love many things about the library, but like everything else it’s the people who make the experience. The librarians are my favourite part of the library as they are so kind and welcoming, even a good morning or hello from them puts a bigger smile on my face.

Love you Library,

Elisabeth Borg (8C)


My dear, darling Library,

Every day I walk past you, you smile down encouraging me. Through my sorrows, you comfort me. Through my happiness, you laugh with me. Through my anger, you calm me. You will search my heart and find what I seek, what I like and what I need. Your welcome heart stands true and pure.  Your stories are a guiding light through the darkest days. I can delve into a thousand different words; meet new people, all that was you. You complete me.

I love you,

Matilda Bryan (7B)


Dear Library,

Ever since I laid eyes on you I knew you were the one, I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I saw you. Seeing you, I realised I had found my happy place. I really missed you over the holidays and seeing you was the only reason I was excited to be coming back to school. Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder. I love seeing you every day and spending time with you. I can’t wait to be seeing you after school and reading with you. It hurts to be apart from you. My favourite thing about you (though it is hard when there are so many), is Harry Potter – an inspiring adventurous story and reading it with you makes everything so much better. I need to tell you something though ….. I am sorry but I went to the movies the other day! It didn’t mean anything and you are the only one who will ever have my heart. I will love you forever and will never forget you.

Yours truly,

Amelia Garvey (7C)

Here are the highly commended winners and their letters.

These letters were highly commended:

Dear Mt St Michaels Library,

I just wanted to say, “I love you!” You are always there when I need some information about an assignment, or simply when I want something to read. You are a perfect peaceful place where I can do my homework. When I walk in through your double doors, I am greeted with a wave of cool air conditioning and a quiet, but peaceful, sound of whispering from girls of all ages. It is such a lovely welcome. You have so many stories, (and secrets!) to tell! Every book is different, but they are all the same in one way. They have all been read and loved so many times by so many girls.

Emily Ford7F


Dear Library,

The sunlight dances upon your gleaming roof, like a million stars. Within you, your carpeted floor is as soft as a feathered pillow beneath my feet, and your scent is the fragrance of a trillion pages. It is like the humming of bees, the way your stories seem to fill the air around me. As you sweep me off my feet, to lands far away, you will always be with me. I love you dear library, so tell me do you love me?

Emily Malczewski 9E


Dear Library,

You are the world beyond my wildest dreams. I just want to thank you for always being there when I needed a friend (or a good book). You have taught me millions of thing I could never have imagined, taken me on countless journeys around the world and introduced me to amazing new friends. My imagination is on the brim of exploding and it’s all thanks to you! I love you so much library, you mean the world to me!

Elise Condon 7B


Three romances to celebrate #libraryloversday

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my-life-undecidedTo introduce our first book we need to tell you a little backstory. In 1971 Luke Rhinehart (aka George Cockcroft) wrote a book called “The dice man,” where a man makes all his decisions by tossing a pair of dice. Jessica Brody brings this idea up to date in “My life undecided” by making her character Brooklyn Pierce turn to strangers on the internet when it comes to making decisions. This of course has unforeseen consequences for Brooklyn, who finds that some things are beyond your control including who you fall in love with. It’s the perfect recipe for romantic comedy.



“Alex and Eliza” by Melissa De La Cruz is a world away from our first novel. Set against the American Revolution this love story is based on a true story. The Schuylers who are the cream of New York Society are planning a grand ball and Eliza the second daughter is about to be swept off her unsuspecting feet by the charm of Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton began life as an orphan but rose to become an aide to George Washington and then his chief economic adviser. No doubt it was his dashing good looks and wit that won Eliza’s heart!



Our last book, “Farewell my French Love” is a romance for readers of senior fiction. It begins with our heroine Nadine Williams nursing a broken heart after the death of her husband Olivier. To help her recuperate, her friend Jane, takes her on a glorious journey from Barcelona to Paris. Along the way they sample the food and the fashion and deal with the challenge of friendship. When she reaches Paris, Nadine meets a man who challenges her to love again. Will she take the opportunity?