Mouth watering reading – The little library cookbook

Have you ever been in the middle of a book where they start describing food and your mouth starts watering? Perhaps you get up and attempt to make the dish yourself. Well if you have ever been in that situation, then we have the book for you.

Kate Young, a former Mt St Michael’s student, has created “The Little Library Cookbook.” This book is the perfect accompaniment to your literary and culinary adventures. It has over 100 recipes drawn from the pages of literature – from Paddington Bear’s marmalade to afternoon tea at Manderley.

Kate is based in London but has been visiting Australia recently. She came to see her old school and signed a copy of her book for our library. Kate says that she is determined to re-read the Australian books that inspired her in her childhood.  

So next time you get a food craving in the middle of a story you know where to turn for help with the recipe.