Magic and Mayhem in the Maze – Library and Information Week

May 21 – 25 was Library and Information Week and the theme was “Find yourself in a library.” The promoters of this event, (ALIA – Australian Library and Information Association) used a picture of a maze in their art work which inspired us to create various maze-related activities for our students in the MSM Library.


We drew a map and created a treasure hunt with quotes from The maze runner scattered throughout the library. The maze runner is a popular dystopian novel that has since been produced as a movie. It is a little like Lord of the flies, with the characters having to prove themselves fit, physically and mentally, by escaping a maze. The characters don’t initially know the reason for their predicament.

We also played the film the Labyrinth. Many people believe that this movie was based on a book because Sarah carries a red book during the film. There is indeed prodigious talent behind it through the writing of Terry Jones from Monty Python, David Bowie’s songs and Jim Henson’s puppetry, combined with George Lucas and Brian Froud’s artistic vision. A book was written after the film was released by A. C. H. Smith who gave us the Dark Crystal. Possibly because this was already a world he was familiar with, Smith’s writing is better than most movie to book adaptions.

The Labyrinth itself follows the journey of Sarah, a young girl who is resentful about having to care for her baby brother and accidentally gives him away to the goblins. Her journey through the labyrinth is a quest to get him back. On the bookshelves in Sarah’s room we see the following titles as the camera pans past:

Outside, over there by Maurice Sendak

The Wizard of Oz by Frank L Baum

Grimm’s fairy tales

Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tales

Alice through the looking glass by Lewis Carroll


Perhaps all of these were inspirations for the film in one way or another!

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