Murder most horrid – Writers’ Camp

Recently Mt St Michael’s held their annual Writers’ camp with the theme of murder mysteries. The camp was entitled “The Moral Code” and the girls spent many weeks beforehand, creating characters and a back story, as well as props, so that it would be an immersive experience in which to write. Given this, we thought it would be appropriate to explore the genre of murder mysteries in this blog post.

We’re all familiar with classic writers like Agatha Christie who is enjoying a revival with Crooked House and Murder on the Orient Express recently being shown in cinemas, but who is her modern equivalent in Y A fiction, and what has become of the plucky female detectives like Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew?

The good news is the female detective is alive and well in Y A fiction and we do not have to look far to find her. Some of them have even managed to make it onto the small screen, like 1920’s flapper, Phryne Fisher, who was created by Kerry Greenwood. Others, like Nancy Drew, have been given a reboot .

In our library, the following series featuring a female detective are popular:

Series Author
Black cats and butlers Janine Beacham
Every series Elie Marney
Friday Barnes R A Spratt
The Phryne Fisher series Kerry Greenwood
Kinsey Millhone mysteries Sue Grafton
Nancy Drew Carolyn Keene
The Number 1 Ladies detective agency Alexander McCall Smith
Ruby Redfort Lauren Child
Verity Sparks Susan Green
Veronica Mars Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham
The Wells and Wong mysteries Robin Stevens

Coming soon, our latest female detective is Mattie Cobb who is a K-9 detective operating with her dog Robo. This series was written by Margaret Mizushima and will be available in Senior Fiction.


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