Why do we love awkward characters?



Rachel Vail has released her novel,Well that was awkward about a slightly awkward girl named Gracie who finds herself in the very awkward situation of trying to help her best friend Sienna win the affection of her crush. It’s a recipe for disaster but also the makings of a fantastically funny story.

So why do we love awkward characters so much? The simplest answer is that we are all a little awkward sometimes and so it is easy to relate to them. Awkward characters are also bravely themselves, like Auggie from Wonder.  While this may seem difficult in the beginning, these characters often have the strength to triumph. Sometimes it is not the character identified as being different who is the most awkward person in the book, but rather the characters around them who must deal with their own reactions.

For writers, what probably appeals most about the awkward character, is that they will do or say something unexpected and funny. Ron Weasley, Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom are some of the most awkward characters in the Harry Potter series and the funniest. Taking their challenges head on, leads to growth in characters like these, and we learn from watching them; perhaps glad that we don’t have to make the same mistakes! Just think of Georgia Nicolson and all her hilarious difficulties.

Here are some recommended books which contain wonderfully awkward characters and situations:

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