Library Lovers’ Week and MSM READS

This week is Library Lovers’ Week and as well as offering competitions and art activities, we are also holding our first MSM READS for the year.  Every week the Library releases a list called the Library Lover’s List because we love reading all year round! Unfortunately, there are no romance books on this week’s list but there are two titles that include the word heart.

the-girl-with-the-dragon-heartIf you were a fan of “The Dragon with the chocolate heart” then you will be overjoyed to read  The Girl with the dragon heart.” Silke has the gift of the gab and has always been able to spin stories. We follow her adventures filled with dragons, fairies and chocolate creators. Silke is determined to save her lost parents and tell her own story.


every-heart-a-doorwayOur second highlighted book, Every heart a doorway” by Seanan McGuire is another fantasy romp. We have all at one time or another followed the adventures of ordinary children into fantasy lands like Narnia and OZ, but have you ever wondered what it is like for those children when they return? This story is about this exact conundrum. We follow the adventures of Nancy and her friends who all live in a madcap orphanage for the recently returned. To spice up this tale further there is a murderer among them!

  Title Author Theme Call No.
Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow Curham, Siobhan Friendship F CUR
Torn Massey, David War F MAS
Lenny’s book of everything Foxlee, Karen Family F FOX
Every heart a doorway McGuire, Seanan Fantasy F MCG
The girl with the dragon heart Burgis, Stephanie Fantasy F BUR
Washington Black : a novel Edugyan, Esi Fantasy F EDU

If you are still hungry for more Library Lovers’ Week activities then perhaps you would like to enter ALIA’s flash fiction writing competition.

The story can be about anything. It just has to start with the writing prompt ‘there was love to be found in the library.’ The word limit is 200 words.

Submissions should be sent through in a word or basic text document in a standard font and size and are open to everyone. They are due by 5:00 pm on February 21.

Please email entries to


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